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Antiquity Ark​​

Welcome to Antiquity Ark,

2021 has arrived so fast and not without trails of devastation and contraversy. For those who are visiting for the first time , I am Troy Simmill, the Curator of a private collection of significant Biblical Antiquities and Museum Replicas. The display has grown over many years and now boasts a full scale Clay Museum replicas of Sennacherib Prism and Cyrus Cylinder and the Hezekiah seal. Along with many other artefacts that are Egyptian, Babylonian , Greek and Roman these Items are occasionally presented for public display and discussion. Most people who have visited my display are amazed at the fact there a literally thousands of Items in Museums around the world to support the many prominent people mentioned in the Bible and the ancient Hagiographa writings. My investigations into this history is whether the progression of man to modern society has been random and a natural progression or rather a supernatural mandate.

The progression of the devine mandate has been authenticated through the reliable historians and archaeologist who have been able to reveal most importantly the collapse of empires, the scrapping of past political and economic creeds and wars. The natural history of events and progression has revealed a truth in the evidence of light that there is certainty of a blueprint , a footprint and a template for mankind that reveals significance in the understanding of  these historical events.

I am a financial member of the Associate's for Biblical Research and find the information and research is both vital to the preservation of Biblical history. Antiquity Ark also has a good selection of Associates Biblical Research DVD Resources and Books.