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Antiquity Ark​​



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The Judgement Seat in Antiquity

Posted on December 12, 2016 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (1295)
The Idea of a Judgement Seat in antiquity was usually a large raised stone or marble slab in a public place where a person for one example could be tried before execution or imprisonment. The Greek word for Judgement seat is "bema". The idea of the Judgement seat is not Christian but a much older tradition, most likely long before Greek civilisation also. The New Testament Paul stated in 2 Corinthians 5:10 "we must stand before the judgment seat (bema) of Christ. " The Jews of Corinth brought Paul to the Bema to be tried by Governor Gallio, Acts 18 12-17. The Corinthian Bema where Paul was tried has been excavated. It is a large stone structure at the side of the Agora or public market, rising 2.3 metres above the cobble stone pavement. This Bema was originally covered in ornately carved marble. Jesus was tried by Pilate at the Bema in Jerusalem Matthew 27:19 and Paul was back at the Bema when he appeared before Governor Porcius Festus Acts 25:1-12. There seems to be no escape of appearing before the Bema. Curator.

Pauls Defense Speech

Posted on December 5, 2016 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (1838)
When Paul was arrested In the Temple Acts 21, Paul asks the Commander's permission to speak and offer his case of defence publically to the mob. He stands on the step of the Fortress of Antonia and in part of his statement in Acts 22 mentions he was brought up under Gamaliel. Who was Gamaliel? What was this profound statement and why did he mention Gamaliel ? Gamaliel was one of the greatest teachers of the Ancient Hebrew Scriptures and his Grandfather, Hillel was the founder of two of the main learning Schools or what we refer to as Universities to train up Pharisee Scholars and Leaders. Gamaliel was the first of Seven Scholars of the University of Hillel to be honoured with the Title "Rabban" or "Our Rabbi". So Paul making his statement said that he had been Brought up in Jerusalem and under Gamaliel 'thoroughly trained in the Law of our Fathers" (Acts 22:3) So it is apparent that Paul was a highly educated man and received the best possible Hebrew education of his day. Gamaliel is also mentioned in Acts Chapter 5 when Peter and the Apostle's were before the Sanhedrin on the charge of teaching about Jesus as the Christ. The members of the Sanhedrin became incensed when Peter and the Apostles declared "We must obey God rather than men" 5:29 and were about to be put to death . It was Gamaliel, a respected Pharisee and teacher of the Law and member of the Sanhedrin who persuaded them to let the Apostles go and wisely observing the following; "If their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail" but if it is of God ( Gods mandate) you will not be able to stop these men" (Acts 5. 38-39). Curator.

Genesis and Creation

Posted on November 21, 2016 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (861)
The Oldest accounts of Creation other than the account that Moses gives us in the sacred scriptures of Genesis have come down from the ancient Sumerian civilisation. The Sumerians were a dissipating race at the time when Abraham lived in Ur, but there is evidence that for about two centuries prior to Abraham that the Sumerian Scribes were occupied in reproducing clay tablets of the Old Sumerian Literature. Most historians and scholars would agree that this literature would have influenced the religious foundations of the Assyrians and the Babylonians. It would also appear to the basis for ancient Phoenician , Persian and Indian religions where they all agree that out of chaos came light. Whilst there appears to be glimmer of Truth in these accounts it differs to the accounts given by Moses. But the account given by Moses is so great that some Scholars and Historians consider it to be a "Religious Genius of the Hebrews " . The truth of matter is that the account of Creation is not only the very foundation that the whole of 66 books of the Bible is based upon, but it intentionally gives us an Identity in God as our Father as it is a Revelation as to his own "Nature and Thoughts" . Understanding this we can carry the True Mantle of Light in our walk as Christians and recognising that this was the very Nature of Jesus Christ himself. Curator.

Sh'ma Hear & Obey

Posted on September 19, 2016 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (788)

The Great Hall of Fame

Sh'ma ( Hebrew) Of Great Fame and Repute, those that Heard and Obeyed are listed in the Great Hall of Fame. read on.....

The very fundamental foundation and framework of the Bible is to seek God first, to seek God is to submit or to turn away from the things that are not of him and place God at your centre of focus and understand your identity in him.We see that in Genesis, the first book of Moses describes  Adam and Eve and the tree of Knowledge that there is a definate contrast in both Knowledge and Wisdom.

The First is the Natural type Flesh wisdom , where all decisions will be based on Mans own best interest placing him at the centre of all things. 

The Second is the Divine Wisdom where God is central to all of our wisdom and Knowlege of all things.

Listen !!! Obedience is better than Sacrifice (Samuel 15-22)

The first book of  Moses describes this fundamental knowledge and understanding right from the beginning, God has a Mandate to bring us back to a Utopian Society, but to be able to  carry his Mantle we not only need leaders who listen to God , we need Leaders who Obey what God says. It is important to understand that through Christ a portal was opened, through Jesus Christ as our intercessor we are also able to Hear God and we are given the Holy Spirit as a Tutor to help us understand. 

"Sh'ma is the very frame work of the the characters in the Old Testament  " those like Noah and Abraham who listened and obeyed and in contrast was the Divinely appointed King Saul who was in communication with God. King Saul was a perfect example of a Divinely appointed leader who did indeed hear God but was not Obedient,God removed him from his Throne.

Each and every phase of Gods mandate of getting his people to the promised land could not be completed whithout characters much like Moses who stood in the presence of the God Almighty and "Listened and Obeyed" , Joshua and other Old Testament characters who made way for Jesus the Christ who was to come  like the Samuel, King David, King Solomon, Daniel, just to name a few.

This principle remained through out the characters in the New Testament and this  is the very fabric if we are to be the overcomers, in fact in the New Testament those who Listened & Obeyed ,Sh'ma are listed in the "GREAT HALL OF FAME " Hebrews 11 those who were faithful.

If we are to be truly servants of God and carry Gods Mantle of Truth in his Word and Gods Love to the World so that Gods Mandate can be completed as in John's Revelation.

(Rev 3 :20-22) Behold, I stand at the door and knock : if any man HEARS my VOICE  and open the door, I will come in to him and will sup with him and he with me.21 To him that Overcometh  will I grant to sit with me in my Throne ,even as I also Overcame and am set down with my father in his Throne. 22 He that has an ear let him HEAR what the Spirit saith unto the Churches.

As a Church , the body of Christ , we are called to Hear and Obey in the last and final days . Sh'ma.

 Psalm 119:105

The Word is a Lamp unto my Feet

And a Light unto my Path.





The Potters THREE Vessels

Posted on April 26, 2016 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (9840)

When we look as God as the Master Potter, we can see his creative works, we notice that it reflects the THREE sideness of the Nature and the Character  of himself, basically the universe is a three fold structure consisting of these elements;

(1) Time (2) Space (3) Matter

TIME           Past           Future       Present 

SPACE        Height       Width        Depth

MATTER      Solid        Liquid        Gas  

With Time the past is distinct from the present , which is distinct from the future. Each is simultaneous , yet there are not three "times" but one, that is they all share the same nature TIME.

With Space, height is distinct from width, which is distinct from depth,which is distinct from heigh. Yet there are not three spaces but one. That is they all share the same nature   SPACE.

With Matter, Solids are not the same as liquids, which is not the same as Gas.which is not the same as solid.Yet theyare not three matters but One, that is they all share the same nature MATTER.

We see this same principle in the Godhead (Father,His Sonand the Holy Spirit) each is distinct, yet they are all by nature, the ONENESS OF GOD.   

 When we turn to the scriptures this completion becomes devineand marks DIVINE COMPLETENESS. The Master Potter gives us THREE vessels that are attributed to his Nature as in Johns Gospels and the Epistles.

(1) God is Love (1 John 4:8-16) We are therefore to walk in LOVE. Ephesians 5;20  

(2) God is Spirit (John 4:24) We are therefore to walk in SPIRIT. Galations 5:16

(3) God is Light (1 John 1:5) We are therefore to walk in LIGHT Ephesians 5:8  

This principle is all through the Bible and makes a really interesting study for you to enjoy and I will expand upon in another blog.,




Posted on March 8, 2016 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (1390)

I quite often hear the book of Esther preached by female Pastors, this is only one of two books in the 66 chosen to bare a female name. Indeed she is a national heroine, she is a selfless Queen who helps with the preservation of her husband as King and the preservation of her people. Esther  in this book is a Benjaminite, a very important  Hebrew woman who helps with the presevation of her people at the hand God.

She is from the tribe that came Paul of the New Testament, she is enveloped in the same inflexible integrity. She is dutiful to her Foster Father, she is faithful to her Husband, who is the King, she is loyal  to her own people and a true and faithful servant to her God. Well all of this is true and Esther represents a great model for all modern Christian women today, but there is much more to this book.

This book is makes up part of the Ancient  Hagiographa, a most Sacred Text. This story is as intregal as Joseph as ruler in Egypt, except  this time we see the elevation of two Benjaminites to hold office in a vast kingdom is very apparent.

Queen Vasti is replaced by God with her counterpart  Queen Esther.

Haman the Kings Courtier who was Sovereign of the Kings Counsel  is replaced with Morcedai.

In Esther 1: 1 we read that this King (Ahasuerus) reins 127 kingdoms from India to Ethiopia and the powerhouse of the the whole Persian Empire was run in the Shusan Palace where this story takes place. This Palace was strategically located and trade for the whole Persian Empire could be controlled by inland routes and by sea they had control of the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea all the way to India, Esther 1 : 2.

As it was at the hand of God for Joseph to become the Prime Minister of Egypt, so that God could eventually deliver his people to the promised Land so it was for this Kingdom when we read the two previous Hagiographa sacred texts of Ezra and Nehimiah where we know at the time that the King of Persia named Cyrus, issued an edict for the captives of Babylon to return home Ezra 1 1:10 (see Archaeology  Cyrus Cylinder cuniform edict British Museum) In Ezra chapter 2 we see that only a remanant came back after the Capture of the Northern Kingdom and the later capture of the Southern Kingdom to Babylon.

It would appear and be most obvious that these people were now scattered through the Persian Empires which as I previously mentioned was rather vast. The enorminty of this empire gave opurtunity  to its inhabitants with the economic prosperity of  its vast shipping ports  and overland trade. We can see in James 1:1 where it addresses to all the 12 tribes scattered abroad under the prosperity of Roman rule , so it does seem reasonable to think that this would also apply under the prosperity of Persian Rule especially with Morceadai, a Hebrew, as second to the King and Queen Esther also a Hebrew.

So not all were concerned with the rebuilding of the Temple but some  were instruments of God to make preparations  fulfill the next event such as the the conquering of this Empire by  a Grecian , Alexander The Great and so on until the eventual coming of the Lord Jesus Christ , his death and ressurection .  

The Sacred Texts are importantly historical and a truly remarkable witness of God 's perfect timing.







The Oldest Book in the World

Posted on March 3, 2016 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (1967)

Most people when they think or ask the question "What would be the oldest book in the entire biblical world? " would most likely say that it is Genesis ,"Its a  Book from the beginning of time isn't  it? ".  Well the answer is NO, the Oldest Book is the "Book of JOB ."

Yes it is very true that Genesis is the first book of the Bible, its a book made up of writings from the time of Moses ABOUT the beginning of time but "NOT from the Beginning of Time" .  However Genesis is integral as this is the introduction to the Bible, a book of beginnings, detailing an expression of GOD , a Supreme Being, outside our Time and Space domain and as such, that all depends , without GOD was not anything made that was made. Gen 1:1  John 1:3.

So to sumarise Genesis it is sets the stage for the next 65 books we will discover and unveil the mystries of ;

GOD  SUPREME Gen 1:1   also refer John 1:3

GOD TRUINE Gen 1:1 Gen 1:2  also refer John 1:1

GOD CREATOR Gen 1:2 Gen 1:3 Gen 1:24 Gen 1:27 Gen 1:28

THE CONTRAST TO GOD IS SATAN Gen 4:1-24 Gen 6 Gen 12




Lets look at JOB , here is a character that was living in the early dawn of time and civilisation. Job himself was a pioineer of higher thoughts of understaning, it appears he had Scientific Knowledge, Prophetical insight ,a man of  Proverbial sayings and was in contest in the battle of Good over Evil  and was Victorious in the Contest with Satan.  He is refered to by Ezekial 14;14 .

Job gives reference to many references to the Old World Job 22: 15-16 31:33. many clues are given to the age of this ancient book when the 42 chapters are disected and no reference are made to Hebrew Law. So this would suggest that he lived well before the Laws were handed to Moses by God or any Levitical Law being practiced.  

Job is charged with true Faith,  he was a man of a high and an honourable position,  Perfect , Upright , God fearing , Eschewing Evil, Holding steadfast in  his Integrity.       

Job's Words of Wisdom and Gods Beauty are found in  Job 1:21 2:10 13:15 28:28 23:10 19:25-26

Job's Scientific Knowlege from the dawn of time and  he makes profound statements about the Earth, Space, Stars and the weight of  Air, thousands of years before the likes of  Copernicus and Galileo. Job 26;7,  28:24-25 38:19 9:8-9 38:31-32.

Job's Words of Prophecy Job 19:25 38:22-23

Job's Words of Prophecy Job 16;2   5:7  19:20  42:5 42:6 42:10       

Job's Resounding Victory in the contest with the Evil One Job 42:10-12

This makes a very interesting study , I hope these notes and scripture references will help.